What’s In A Gender?


June 7, 2020

In this episode, I have a discussion with Evey Winters regarding being trans on the internet and in the age of Coronavrius, plus the importance of word choice. Also a bit about dysphoria cascade, body image, and shopping.

Guest: Evey Winters (she/her) @_EveyWinters
Personal Writing: https://eveywinters.com/
Trans Education: https://soundsliketransedu.com/

Black Lives Matters Resources: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/
Funds will be split evenly between For The Gworls (https://www.facebook.com/forthegworls) and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute (https://marshap.org/).

Content Notes: Activism, Aerie, Appropriation, Arts, Authority, Bars, Birth, BMI, Bodily Autonomy, Body Measurement, Body Reclamation, Boston, Bras, Buddhism, Chasers, Childhood, Cis, Clothing, Coronavirus, D&D, DC, Deadname, Death, Dermatology, Diabetes, Dieting, Disclosure, Discord, Doxing, Dresslily, Dysmorphia, Dysphoria, E-Mail, Education, Electrolysis, Enby, Facebook, Femininity, Food, Gardening, Gatekeeping, Government, Hate Mail, Hair, HRT, Incels, Internet, Intersectionality, Laser, Legal, Lingerie, Make-up, Medicine, Mental Health, Moderation, Money, Murder, Music, Natalie Wynn, NB, Nice Guys, Nonbinary, Nudes, Optics, Passing, Pathfinder, Pet Death, Pets, Police Brutality, Privilege, Psychology, Puberty, Quarantine, Racism, Razors, Relationships, Representation, Riot, Safe Spaces, Sexuality, Sexism, Shaving, Social Distancing, Stonewall, Stress Eating, Stroke, Sui, Surgery, Surgical Delays, Telehealth, Transexual, Transmedicalism, Trauma, Triggers, Truscum, Veterinary, Violence, Voice Training, Waxing, Weight Loss, Wine, Wrong Body Narrative, Youtube

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