What’s In A Gender?

Four’s A Party

July 8, 2020

Bridh (they/them, she/her, xe/xer), Facebook: @CBBlanchardauthor Instagram: owlfeathertarot
Laura “Nomi” Grace (she/her)
Loki (he/him, they/them), Twitter: @lkheios, AO3: Author_of_Kheios

In this episode, I have a discussion with Bridh, Nomi, and Loki about using games to explore ideas related to gender, and about how games present gender and the impact that has. Also a bit about other media. Yes, we mention the belt.

Content Notes: Ableism, Abuse, AGAB, Against Me!, Allyship, Animal Crossing, Bible, Billy Porter, Bleed (gaming), Body Horror, Catharsis, Changelings, Christianity, City of Mists, Comedy, Coming Out, Consent, Coronavirus, D&D, Decolonialization, Disability, Discord, Dysphoria, Egg, Erasure, Escapism, Facebook, Fallen London, Furries, Genderfluidity, Glitch, Hobbit, Hollywood, Intersectionalism, Janelle Monae, Knives, Laura Jane Grace, LGBT/LGBT+, LOTR, Marvel, Medicine, Money, Mutilation, Names, NAZIs, Neopronouns, New Warriors, Nonbinary, "Opposite" gender, Pedophilia, Police, Politicization, Prejudice, Presentation, Protest, Punching up/down, Quarantine, Queer, Racism, Reclaimation, Religion, Representation, Role-Playing Games, Scars, Self-harm, Sense8, Sex, Sex change magic, Sexism, Sexuality, Skyfarer, Slavery, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, Stephen Universe, Teenagers, The Adventure Zone, Trans Dysphoria Blues, Trauma, Triggers, Tumblr, Validation, Violence, Voice Training, Wachowski Sisters, Zoom

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